Friday, October 5, 2012

Free Halloween Apps for the iPad

I Just wanted to share a few free iPad Apps with you that may be fun to add to your iPad this Halloween!
Halloween Word Search
Fun and easy word search
Carve a Pumpkin
Choose from five different pumpkin styles, then either "carve" a design of your own, or pick from our library of wacky eyes, noses, and mouths.. Add a message and you're ready to share your creation with all your friends!
Halloween Puzzles and Colors App
A Cute puzzle app for kids!
Landon's Pumpkins (grade 2-3) Story
This is the story of a boy named Landon remember his last Halloween when he really messed up the carving of his pumpkin, he makes plans to do differently this Halloween.
Maria Counts (pre-school to K)
Counting story about pumpkins

Halloween E-Book question “Where?” is used repeatedly throughout the book to help children learn location concepts such as- “in front of”, “behind”, and “next to.

Halloween Counting and Word Games


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